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Blueprint Medicines: Unleashing A “New Era In The Management” Of ASM (EHA Preview)

Note: For more research and insights like this, please consider supporting Clover Biotech Research and subscribe today (10-day free trial). Summary: Blueprint Medicines plans to reveal updated data for advanced systemic mastocytosis (ASM) When compared to current standard of care for ASM, Blueprint’s avapritinib appears to provide improved efficacy across many measures EHA25 data is

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From Abandonment To Resurrection: A Look Into Xenon’s Phase 3-Ready Drug For KCNQ2-EE

Summary: Xenon Pharmaceuticals recently announced they will proceed with a pivotal, phase 3 study for their repurposed drug, XEN496, in KCNQ2-EE The repurposing of retigabine, along with the development of other anti-epileptic drugs, represented a shift in company focus following two major trial failures in 2015 (pain) and 2017 (acne) Backed with solid clinical rationale To access this post, you must purchase Prime Membership, Basic Membership or Plus Membership...

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Arvinas’ ASCO Abstract Data May Have Been Misunderstood

Summary: Arvinas recently revealed their ASCO abstract which included first-in-human efficacy and safety data for their leading drug, ARV-110. The initial market response was negative (ARVN -25%) but the data appears to have been widely misinterpreted secondary to high expectations. ARV-110, as monotherapy, induced a 25% (2/8) response rate in doses shown to be tumor-inhibiting To access this post, you must purchase Prime Membership...

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Aurinia: Navigating Voclosporin’s Prospects In Lupus Nephritis (Membership Required)

Summary: There does not yet appear to be definite, high-quality evidence that voclosporin is really attenuating active Lupus Nephritis (LN). These concerns could have been easily laid to rest had the company simply performed renal biopsies post-treatment. But like drops of water, biotechnology companies are typically only willing to move in directions of least resistance. To access this post, you must purchase Prime Membership, Basic Membership or Plus Membership...

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